Why Everybody Wants to Live in Downtown St. Petersburg 🌴 FLORIDA LIFE | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY

Why Everybody Wants to Live in Downtown St. Petersburg 🌴 FLORIDA LIFE | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY

so you want to live in downtown St. Pete. me too and we aren’t alone downtown st. Pete is one of the most desirable areas to live in the whole Tampa Bay area so why does everybody want to move there and how much does it cost to live there hey everybody this is Melanie Atkinson realtor with Smith & Associates in beautiful Tampa Bay Florida and today we’re gonna talk about one of the most coveted areas to live in in the Tampa Bay area downtown st. Pete so why does everybody want to move to downtown st. Pete well honestly it’s just a really cool and really beautiful place to live let’s check out the reasons why downtown st. Pete really does have it all the whole bay front is lined with gorgeous parks that hosts different festivals and events throughout the year it’s the perfect place for a long walk with your pet a bike ride or just to sit and enjoy the beautiful water view there are some amazing art galleries in downtown st. Pete including the Salvador Dali Museum the Chihuly collection which is home to some of the most stunning glass art and right on Beach Drive there’s the Museum of Fine Arts if you feel like shopping downtown st.

Pete has lots of options for you from national store brands to some really nice local boutiques these stores are throughout the entire downtown but check out the sundial area for a concentration of some of those larger national store brands so the restaurants in downtown st. Pete could be an episode all on their own there are so many amazing choices it’s really hard to go wrong whatever you’re in the mood for they have their I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal in downtown st. Pete some of the most beautiful outdoor dining choices are in downtown st. Pete check out most of the restaurants that line Beach Drive the views are spectacular I’ll give a shout out to some of my favorite restaurants down there but again you can’t really go wrong so try them all out and nada on Beach Drive is a modern wine bar that has some of the best charcuterie I’ve ever had in the area the mill on Central Avenue is modern American food with some of the best craft cocktails in town another awesome modern American restaurant is Stillwater’s tavern and that is a gorgeous restaurant with a really great food if you’re a grilled cheese fan like me check out central melt on Central Avenue and get the fries too on Central Avenue as well is booyah restaurant which has some really amazing ramen dishes and finally hawkers is Asian fusion it is a small chain restaurant but one of my favorites to go to before a Tampa Bay Rays game and speaking of the Tampa Bay Rays that brings me to the next great thing about living to downtown st.

Pete the sports teams now I know that people have strong opinions about the Tampa Bay Rays and Tropicana fields but I’ll let the experts the owners and the politicians deal with all of that what I know is that as a fan if I’m going to a baseball game in the middle of August I am really glad that it’s inside 72 degrees and I don’t have to deal with the rain that’s going on outside the other sports option that is in downtown Saint Pete is that al Lang si diem which is where the Tampa Bay Rowdies play the Rowdies are a professional soccer team that play in the USL championship which is the Division two league if you’re not a sports fan but you do enjoy a good cocktail downtown st.

Pete has an abundance of choices for you the thriving nightlife is one of the things that really has put downtown st. Pete on the map one of my favorite spots as the Sun is going down is the rooftop bar at the Birchwood restaurant called the canopy it’ll give you many instagram-worthy backdrops and you can also run a cabana if you’re a champagne or a whisky fan you can check out the sophisticated flute and drum which serves some of the finest champagne whiskey scotch and bourbon if you don’t need to drink anything that fancy just walk down Central Avenue and the surrounding streets and you will absolutely be able to find a bar that’s perfect for you also if you love a good brewery there are tons in st.

Pete I’ll just name a few that are closest to downtown you have cycle Brewing Green bench Brewing and overflow Brewing Company but if breweries are your thing please do a search of local breweries because there are ton in st. Pete in general if you’re a music lover like I am there are plenty of live music choices for you in downtown st. Pete you can check out a show at the Mahaffey theater or if you’re looking for a smaller venue you can go to janis live which is an outdoor venue and always has a great lineup there are music festivals throughout the year and there’s also some small bars and restaurants that have live music regularly like rubies elixir and finally if you’re a beach person downtown st.

Pete is located on the east side of the Pinellas County Peninsula whereas st. Pete Beach is located on the west side but don’t worry the drive to the beach is only about 15 to 20 minutes from downtown st. Pete so for those of you that prefer city living over beach living downtown st. Pete is the best of both worlds because you get spectacular water views without the sand and all of that just scratches the surface of downtown st.

Pete now you can see a little bit more why people want to live there it is a walkable city with a beautiful inclusive and vibrant energy okay so now I’ve convinced you now how do you live there well that might be the downside of this episode because so many people want to live there and have already moved there the area has become pretty expensive if you want to live in the heart of downtown you’re probably gonna have to live in a condo or a townhouse a lot of the condos are high-rises they range from small studios to pent houses you may be able to find a few of those smaller condos for that $200,000 mark but the median price in the heart of downtown is around $500,000 with prices that can go up well over two million dollars so what about rentals the same is true for rentals to be in the heart of the city you are going to pay more look to pay at least $1,000 a month with most of them being over $2,000 a month if you don’t want to live right in the city but you want to be close and you want a single-family home just to the north of downtown st.

Pete is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the whole Tampa Bay area it’s called the historic old North East the homes here have so much charm and character a lot of them were built in the early 1900s with the brick streets and the mature trees this area is really easy to fall in love with again this area doesn’t come cheap it ranges in price from around $400,000 to well over a million the median sold price in that area at this time is around six hundred and fifty thousand dollars still too expensive for you well I don’t have good news for you yet but I do have another really beautiful area to show you that’s new downtown st.

Pete and it’s called sno-isle bright waters boulevard is one of the most beautiful and coveted streets in the whole Tampa Bay area and it’s easy to see why the custom-built homes on Snell Isle range in age from a hundred years old to brand new and range in price from about the mid 400s to well over three million it is an enviable place to live but does have a hefty price tag whether you can afford it or not it’s still fun to look at all the pretty houses so now if we keep going north from downtown we end up in an area that has a lot of waterfront options a lot of people have that boat in your backyard dream and Venetian Isles provides a lot of opportunities to make that dream come true waterfront homes never come cheap but they do provide a lifestyle that a lot of people come to Florida to get homes in Venetian Isles start around the high five hundreds with the bulk of them being between 700 and 900 thousand okay so we went through the expensive areas in and around downtown Saint Pete so are there any affordable options this short answer to that is yes of course however those more affordable options tend to be a little bit farther away from downtown st.

Pete or they have homes that need some TLC but yes you can’t find a single-family home in st. Pete that’s under $300,000 remember that most of st. Pete was built a while ago so a lot of the homes that you’re going to be looking at our older homes be prepared to see a lot of traditional Florida style ranch homes when you’re looking in this area so you were right and wanting to move to downtown st. Pete it is as fun and beautiful as it seems if the price tag is a little too much for you at this time don’t worry you can live close by and take a drive into the city there are always resale opportunities in this area and a couple new condo towers that are going to be going up as well if you’re in the market for any type of home in the st.

Pete area give me a call or a text and I’m happy to help you st. Pete is one of my favorite areas to show houses in if you’re looking for something else to watch my channel check out why Tampa that video goes over the whole area in general and I highlight some of the reasons that I love it so much thank you so much for watching I look forward to seeing you next time with love Melanie.